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04.16.21 // Happy 10th Birthday to "This City Won't Sleep"


04.09.21  //  I did an interview this week with New Jersey Stage about coming back with these new songs. "His world was expanding musically and solidifying himself as one of the state's best up-and-coming artists.  Tracks like 'Forget The Railroad', 'I'm Taking You With Me' and 'The Movie Universe' left fans thirsting for more. But then he seemingly disappeared from the music scene." Read more here.

04.03.21 // During the recording session for "Wolves Can Wait" the band and I re-imagined the traditional folk song "Stealin'"... It's out today on most major music platforms!


03.24.21 // The new single, "Wolves Can Wait" is now live on Spotify, iTunes, and most major music platforms! Dig in!


03.09.21 // "Wolves Can Wait" is available today exclusively on BandCamp. "Pay what you want" and 100% of first-week proceeds will go to Community FoodBank NJ to help those struggling with food insecurity.

02.21.21 // Greetings from quarantine! New music is on the way! Stay tuned here and across social media for updates on the new single "Wolves Can Wait" available soon!

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