“House on a Hill”


If I had a house on a hill

I’d paint it blue and I’d keep it well

Pay no rent, pay no phone bill

I always say it, but I never will

I keep on saying that I never will


I have won and I have lost

I have been on the chopping block

I have had my signals crossed

I only love the things I’ve lost

I’ll never get back what I’ve lost


Tell me to go

To get out of your sight

I never thought I could be so uninspired


I can name the deadly sins

I can make the most of this

I can’t say why I hated him

I wouldn’t know where to begin

I never know where to begin


The city’s not what I had thought

There’s chewing gum on the sidewalks

Horizons look like jagged rocks

And I don’t know whose side I’m on

I never know whose side I’m on


I found a hill with a house on top

No zip code and no mail box

And I don’t need to keep it locked

Don’t need to pick whose side I’m on

Don’t need to pick whose side I’m on

Got a house that's right on top

I don’t need to pick whose side I’m on


“Rocket Science”


Punching into punching cards

I’m not as well as at the start

This whole orbit stole my heart

I made a promise

I made a home out in the stars


If you could see me now

With all these stations counting down


Funny how we go blasting into space

We cast ourselves through heaven’s gates

Looking back on my escape

I’m not some lost cause

Not some lost dog

Lost in space


Even now, in this unforgiving void

I try to keep myself employed

By flicking switches

Tossing coins that float to the ceiling

I bet my memory’s destroyed


I kind of want to go

I kind of want to turn around

Back where I belong

Back where I’m intending now

I’m just pretending now


With every hour I have flown

It’s gravity that pulls me home

If it matters where I’m from

It don’t matter much

It only matters some


“Don’t Look Now”


Keep it up

Like the highway keeps its white lines blurred

Your empty arms have left you hugging every turn

You scratched a pen

And drew a map of your decline

Just so you’d know where not to step so out of line


Wide-eyed on the run

Wide-eyed on the road

So many miles between the places that I’ve known


Let’s make a deal

Show your mother she was wrong

Show that repo man what we’ve known all along


We’ll start and band

They’ll play us on the radio

Go get that tambourine and play it like you know


Come home quick

Close your eyes for once


Wide-eyed on the run

Wide-eyed on the road

Don’t look now

You’re almost home


“Wolves Can Wait”


Keep your head and your wits about

Circled wagons keep the enemies out

Where do we go from here?


I stomped the earth and I left my guide

Sucked the poison from a rattler’s bite

And dreamed of a wild frontier


I'm in the same place that I was this time last year


Where you going?

Can’t you stay?

After all, the wolves can wait

That’s where you run to

Where you pray

That this feeling won’t go away


The night won’t show you just one shade of black

A possum riding on his mother’s back

The dreams we build in bed


A town in flurries always make a fuss

People asking where the hell I was

Like a dog waits to be fed


When you know you’re right

You just move ahead


“One Last Light”


Two years waiting on the garbage man

He’s all chopped up in the ceiling fan

Meet me in the dust if you think you can


Empty canvas

Paint it white

Starving artists bark and bite

I’m no threat

I’ve lost my appetite


There’s one last light

One last star burning votive in the night


Stray dogs shaking, soaking wet

Some gorilla lights my cigarette

Then he’s off on his knuckles

I just beat my chest


Hold your hope

Just keep it in

Your devil’s poking with a safety pin

The good guy wails that he’ll always win


What do you say?

What do you do?

We want it all

Pull together now

There’s one last light

There’s one last light


Lamp posts shaking

Iron clad

Rock is dead

I’m it’s dead-beat dad

I kept rolling

I guess I’ve got it bad


Take my picture

Wait for dawn

Cinderella, what’s going on?

Trade those glass slippers

Put some snow boots on




“If I Go Down”


Who is it coming?

This adds up to nothing

Who is that thumping in my head?


Noise from the kitchen

Run to the cupboard

All I discovered, leaning in


This is no place to be without a friend

The walls are closing in

If I go down sinking

Would you pull me out?

Would you reel me in?

I’m just wondering if you can


Who is it humming?

Hold onto something

Who I’m becoming who I am

This is no place to be without a friend

If it happens again


Reach out and touch it

Make some adjustments

I got busted, busting in

This is no place to be without a friend

I just don’t see an end




He flew in from Houston

Left a trail of cheap cologne

He said it’s lovely down in Houston

Where the people rodeo  

And leave their air conditioners running

For whenever they get home


He had to go

Let the runways roll


Riding high

Flying blind

He never calls, he never writes

The more he leaves, the less he minds


Subscribes to no great wisdom

Just the nerve to kick some dust

For every door that opens

Seems like three go slamming shut

But now it’s time to leave

His feet are always acting up