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Invited by the gale
The sea goes on forever

You should open your sails


Carry my song

We’ll talk of tomorrow

It won’t be too long


Hope can be filling

And mountains can fall

If you are willing

And standing as tall


There’s no shadow hanging over me now

There’s a surge in the wandering tide

There’s a world outside

That spins on its own


Call to the sun

An ode to the morning

There’s battles to be won


Our eyes full of sleep

The colors of the ocean

So cool and so deep


There’s no sense in crying

For what has been split

Have no fear of dying

Someday you will




Meet me out where summer ends

The leaves they were falling when I found you


You flew so long, that when you came down

The sky never bothered to announce you


You spent ten thousand miles on the run

And the radio whined for each one


Rosie, I am not like you

There’s a part of me that can’t stand it in this place

Rosie, half of what I do

Is like a big long list of why I ought to stay


All the time

When time runs out
I think only of the power that surrounds you


The day is done

The lights go out

You reach out into the emptiness around you




You were wounded in battle

You’ve been talking in rhyme

You found patience in waiting

For some call or for some sign


Someday you’ll rise

The ice will melt

You’ll peak and you’ll smile

At the hand that you’re dealt

That day will come

You’ll see for yourself

For now I hope this helps


You were stranded in trouble

You were lost and confined

You were watching for someone

To turn back the hands of time

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