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Down the alleys

Riding out in fits of light

In midnight’s rage

Did somebody say they saw your face?


The evenings hang above us

Now let’s make a scene

Let’s break the law

Did somebody beat you to the draw?


Woah, once and for all

Woah, and for all

Did someone push you away?


When you were young, you’d scrape your legs

You’d hide and seek 

You’d carve your name

Did somebody say this was a game?


Many years have cost you what you can’t afford

Your ship went down

Did somebody see you jumping out


They found you mostly lifeless

Like a pile of bones

Reaching for someone

Where no pain is felt

Naked in the moon

Where no river rolls

So each asked themselves

Does love run out?

Until they found her first name

Still in your mouth




Their slings and their arrows
Couldn’t keep me in check
I burnt all my bridges
To physical wreck

Flowers on the table
And a velveteen arm
I pray God and money
Never lead me to harm

I’ve never owned nothing
That made me feel so proud
As this dead Comanche
And this sad old hole in the ground


I wake up in the morning
And I putter around
I’ll start counting sheep once
All the wolves have been found

It’s a sorry battalion
That chomps at the bit
You’ve got to know when to hustle
You’ve got to know when to quit

But what a day for a showdown
I’m pacing and taping my palms
And I’ll sure miss Montana
When I am dead and gone


You can call me Custer
And who would object?
I’m so full of fight and
My scalp’s in a wreck

In the heat of the battle
Look how I behave
With my gun, and my saddle,
And a curse on my name

But woah, I kind of made it
I’ll bet you, you never forgot
How I went down swinging
Oh, my God!



Forget the railroad and the passenger lines
They lead only to the dark edge of town
Forget the highway
Are the engines alive if they’re only bringing you down?


So lay me down
And lay me out
All you needed was some time
Lay me down
And lay me out
All you needed was some proof that you’re alive


Forget the chain gangs and the prisoners' songs
I was never that tough on crime
Forget the landmines and the dangers below
We can make it if we try 


Forget the rain clouds, there’s a storm in your eyes
And no one ever has to know

Forget the promise that you broke along the way

It was made a long time ago


Forget the river, if the water runs out
We’ll go swimming down in the aisles
Forget the stage lights we are travelers now
We look only to the sky




I haunt you like leaves on the wind
I’ll color a riot in red
That’s the way
Them and they
But anyway
You found me cross-eyed again


Just cause you had love
And you threw it all down
You’re out to get some
To wear it around


I’m not letting you go
Follow me down
Where we're unknown
Would it freak you out
To hide from the sun?


Nature is my angry child
Science has found me unwell
Soft and proud
Raining down
You’d better get to know me now
Because it’s getting harder to tell


Fathoms in soil and stone
We can know stillness at dawn
As I regret
Less and less
We take the most
Then leave the rest
Our hearts remain wicked and calm




Sometimes at night

Sometimes for days

I get the feeling I can carry twice my weight


I can’t come down

From the top of the stairs

You can find me there

Where the floorboards creak and moan


I’m taking you with me when I go

That’s where you belong

Where you’re at home


I’d seen you around

In some other place

But you found yourself alone

And tired of that side-walking pace


Show me how to make up my mind
I mean it this time

Closer now

It's time that I thought about what I want


It sounds like a song

I'm lost in the notes

And there ain't nothing left

And it's a fool that insists that he knows




Staring at a question mark
You’re faking, Jesus, you’re parading in the dark
You spent the evening cruising for a spark
But there's no highway to the sun
When morning comes again, Darlene
We'll reach out and take a piece
Oh I swear this shadows not your enemy
Believe me, I believe in you, Darlene

I've always wondered what you'd think
You've read so many books you only dream in ink
And every time you let it go it sinks
Down some sad familiar page
The words are softer now, Darlene
Make adventure out of me
And if every chapter ends in misery
Believe me, I believe in you, Darlene

You're a little unimpressed
You left a message on a pack of cigarettes
If no one talks about how good it gets
Then how am I supposed to know?
If there's no telling now, Darlene
Your wheels are begging for concrete
Are you thinking up someplace you'd rather be
Believe me, I believe in you, Darlene

The time that we spend just keeping track
Who's over their head?

Who's under attack?
When I go, there will be no turning back

I built a stranger in my mind
I paint some pictures but they never come to life
Fixing you is like sharpening a knife
So I have nothing more to say
They’ll turn on Channel 17
Watching from a window seat
And they'll say "Hey, I think I know you from TV"
But I'll say, "Believe me, I believed in you, Darlene"




I counted all the movie stars
In the entire movie universe


I got nothing left to say to you


I'm gonna wait for something good to come
I'm gonna wait for something biblical


Ain't it a shame how my life was taken from me?
And ain't it a shame how they got the better of me?
Ain't it a long, long way down


My constellations want to burn
I'm at the center of the universe








Come inside
And turn the dial
The song that she'll hear on the day that she dies
With aching speed
Lets her rhythm speak
She sings in her car and she don't care who sees


So you've found yourself a charm
Open arms that leave you guessing
And when it's gone
It breaks your heart
Someone's bound to burn their blessings
And you, you're burning too


A lucky guess
So innocent
A new pair of shoes and a change of address
It spins the same
Like the hurricane
That bought you to life
When it blew you away


The best of lies
A mile high
Sometimes you crash and sometimes you fly



I guess I never told you

How I’ve let my heart rot 

How I’ve been stuck forever

How I have not given up

Or given in


What am I becoming?

How could I have known?

I just want to meet you out

In the night

In the night

Now you know

I’ve been losing for so long

It’s got to go

Been losing bad


I’ve gambled down the highway

I have paced this floor

A thousand miles behind me

I’ll walk some more 

With the losing score

The losing hand


I've been losing for so long

I've been losing much too long




News from the borderlines

They send in the best

Then they send in the spies 

Beds are for breakfast time

Now take to streets

Honey, take to the sky


I know what they’ve found

I hear them humming

They won’t calm down

They know what’s coming


Oh, don’t look so sad

Baby, don’t look so down

We all start off standing and looking around

I owe it to you and you owe it to me

So this city won’t sleep

This city won’t sleep

This city won’t sleep tonight


They know what’s coming


Sometimes I can’t decide

If a hand is worth shaking

If it’s my tongue that’s tied

This city won’t sleep tonight

On the back of the morning

A flag’s waving high


Lessons in dynamite 

The talkers keep talking

Pay them no mind

This city won’t sleep tonight

This city won’t sleep 


All this sadness will be gone

It could be so easy


All of this sadness that haunts you will leave

And this city won’t sleep

This city won’t sleep

This city won’t sleep tonight 




Slow it down
That’s where you found me
Talking to myself
Way out there


Don’t you, don’t you think we can?
Don’t you give up on this plan
Because we’re on track
Oh, my Sierra, take me back
Out where the lonely desert cracks
All the way down to the salt flats


Pick your speed
I'm so glad you found me
There’s no one really here
To complain


You saved me, with your California wine
And maybe, our silence is refined
Take command
Oh, my Sierra understand
How the earth holds you in its hand
Make me a country in the sand


Sometimes, I find you in the squall
And sometimes, it don’t rain at all
And no one knows
Oh, my Sierra, take me home
Carve out a place to call your own
Oh, my Sierra, take me home


Slow it down
I'm so glad you found me

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